A project titled Research on Full Service Awareness based Intelligence-Endogenous Networks has been approved by National Science Foundation of China.

Project name in Chinese (项目中文题目:基于业务感知的内生智能通信网络研究)

Abstract: Faced with the ever-growing services with increasingly diversified and scenario-based requirements, researchers from both academia and industry are resorting to a deeper integration of artificial intelligence (AI) and communications, so as to provide endogenous intelligence within cellular networks and further enhance the agility and flexibility of cellular networks. Unfortunately, the unique characteristics of cellular networks (e.g., heterogenous infrastructure, diversified and dynamic service demands, random wireless environment, as well as user mobility) makes it challenging to directly apply the AI results. Therefore, it is highly essential to conduct the research on intelligence-endogenous networks based on full service awareness. This project (1) studies how to comprehensively leverage the information from wireless data, models and knowledge, and propose novel intelligent methods for service awareness and networks resource management, so as to improve the robustness of learning results and lay the foundation for further optimization; (2) tackles the issues incurred by the existence of multiple network entities and objective goals and designs multi-scale multi-agent reinforcement learning algorithms correspondingly, thus robustly, flexibly and dynamically adjusting the network resource allocation according to the service demands; (3) theoretically analyzes the potential bounds for the impact of endogenous intelligence on network performance; (4) builds a simulation platform. With all four pillars including service-aware modeling, algorithm designing, theoretical analyzing and simulations, this project will lay the theoretical foundation and provide essential techniques to the next-generation cellular networks for better provisioning diversified services in a smarter and more coherently manner.

Duration: Jan. 2021 - Dec. 2024

Amount: 550 000 RMB